09 Sep Stolen regeneration (The Australian)

LIGHTNING Ridge, near the NSW border with Queensland, is a unique Australian town. Over the years, thousands of drifters and fortune-hunters have gone there, staked a claim, set up a camp and started to dig, hoping to find black opals.  As such, the land around...

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07 Sep Anger as NT schools threaten languages (The Sydney Morning Herald)

AN ACADEMIC commissioned to review the development of Aboriginal literacy across the country has found no evidence to support the Northern Territory's controversial changes to bilingual education.  The changes, which are supported by the Rudd Government, will from next year require schools to teach all...

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07 Sep Noel Pearson’s push for John Howard (The Australian)

WITH John Howard facing political oblivion in September 2007, Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson delivered him a potential re-election strategy in an unprecedented letter.  He suggested three ideas for Howard's election agenda: a referendum to deliver "recognition of indigenous people within a reconciled, indivisible nation", a...

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