27 Oct Peru tribes pressure Hunt Oil to leave Amazon (Reuters)

Tribes in Peru say they want U.S. energy company Hunt Oil to abandon an exploration project in a virgin corner of the Amazon rainforest, and they have filed legal challenges against the government and the company to force it out.  Representatives of the tribes said...

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14 Oct Federal government dragging its feet on native fishery issues: Inaction is stalling treaty settlements in B.C. (The Vancouver Sun)

The federal Conservative government's "silence and inactivity," particularly on the native fishery, is stalling treaty settlements in B.C., the independent treaty commission reported Wednesday.  "From Canada there have been periods of silence and inactivity, thereby creating the perception they lack commitment to the process," declared...

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14 Oct B.C. treaty commission asks PM to intervene: Commission head, Chief Sophie Pierre, says Stephen Harper needs to send a message to federal negotiators to move forward on stalled talks with B.C. First Nations (The Globe and Mail)

The British Columbia Treaty Commission is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to shake up the complacency it says has set in around treaty negotiations with B.C. First Nations after 16 years of expensive talks and few successes.  Chief Sophie Pierre, who heads the commission,...

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