06 Feb Aboriginal groups divided on whether to support Olympics: 80 of B.C.’s 203 bands refuse to participate because government and Vanoc ignore ‘horrific levels of poverty,’ their leader says (The Vancouver Sun)

The head of the Four Host First Nations, Tewanee Joseph, has been criss-crossing the country since 2003 selling the Olympics to first nations communities. He's achieved signed agreements with more than a dozen provincial and national aboriginal groups setting out their involvement with the 2010...

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05 Feb Aboriginal university’s federal funding hangs in the balance: Days after Saskatchewan withdrew funds, there’s little hope First Nations University will get $7.3-million from Ottawa, minister says (The Globe and Mail)

The fate of millions of dollars in federal funding for the beleaguered First Nations University will be decided within days, and Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Chuck Strahl is offering little hope that it might continue.  The government of Saskatchewan earlier this week pulled...

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05 Feb Ancient Andaman tribe died out (Al Jazeera)

An indigenous tribe from India's Andaman Islands, thought to have existed for 65,000 years, has disappeared with the death of its last member.  According to the indigenous advocacy group Survival International, Boa Senior, the last known member of the Bo tribe, died last week at...

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