Long-standing First Nations claim settled (The Intelligencer)

07 Aug Long-standing First Nations claim settled (The Intelligencer)

A Belleville land claim by the Alderville First Nation has been settled 190 years after the first agreement was signed.

The settlement of the Thurlow Purchase Specific Claim was announced officially Friday with a ceremony at Jane Forrester Park at Meyers Pier. A plaque detailing the band’s history was unveiled on the lawn just north of the pier.

Alderville Chief James Marsden, Belleville Mayor Neil Ellis and unveiled a plaque detailing the band’s history on the Bay of Quinte.

“We’re pleased to make right something that had to be made right for so long,” Northumberland-Quinte West MP Rick Norlock said. Norlock said it was finished with “almost lightning speed” compared to other claims.

The settlement means the Alderville band council will receive $743,852 in federal compensation. The government and band also agreed the claim would never be reopened.

Alderville Chief James Marsden said there is no immediate plan to spend the funds.

“We’ve just got it put away for now,” he said.

He said the band is pleased with the settlement and happy the story of the so-called Thurlow Purchase of Aug. 6, 1816 is now visible on the plaque.

“It’s allowing us to bring our history to Belleville for its residents and visitors,” Marsden said.

Negotiations were handled at the federal level.

Marsden thanked the government for “speeding up the process. … Go to article.