September 2009

07 Sep Noel Pearson’s push for John Howard (The Australian)

WITH John Howard facing political oblivion in September 2007, Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson delivered him a potential re-election strategy in an unprecedented letter.  He suggested three ideas for Howard's election agenda: a referendum to deliver "recognition of indigenous people within a reconciled, indivisible nation", a...

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03 Sep Ainu to launch new national group (The Japan Times)

The indigenous Ainu plan to launch a national organization possibly by the end of this month in an effort to urge the government to establish new legislation to improve their lives and promote their culture, sources said Tuesday. The Sapporo-based Ainu Association of Hokkaido and...

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03 Sep Native leaders consider action during Games: Mainstream chiefs, while distancing themselves from militants, discuss ‘assertive strategies’ to draw world attention to issues (The Globe and Mail)

With the 2010 Winter Olympics little more than five months away, B.C. native leaders are looking toward the Games as a way to highlight their increasingly rocky relationship with the provincial government.  Despite the unprecedented participation of aboriginal communities in the Games, leaders say they...

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